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        This website represents the Central Arizona Grotto (CAG), a caving club dedicated to conserving the very sensitive and fragile environment of caves and cave life. As a club, we feel that education is the first step toward cave conservation and management. Our activities include exploring, research, monitoring, restoration, surveying, conservation, vertical work and safety techniques. Our meetings are held the first Friday of every month. Directions to the meeting location are published in our monthly newsletter, the Cave Crawler's Gazette. International Membership is encouraged as a means to broaden our relationship with, and understanding of, cavers and caves from around the world, and to foster interest in the study of speleology in general. 
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Hi CAG Folks,

Arizona has four forests actively updating their forest management plans. It has been over 25 years for them. To that end, we have created an "Arizona Forest Cave Management Plan" which is a "how to" manage caves and karst in the southwest forests. ... public and restricted file content, cave rating criteria, surface management, and research proposal guidelines. 

The Arizona National Forest Cave and Karst Management Plan is attached. There has been a month-long review process in both the Arizona caving community, a forest service hydrolgist, NCKRI and others, especially on the karst management portion. The Karst Management Appendix includes buffers, logging and thinning techniques, and policies for caves that go a long ways which would require surface management considerations.

This cave and karst management plan has significant differences, and is intended to help western federal land managers who have way too much on their plates already. It includes research proposal guidelines, public and master file (positive control) content

The reviewed document It has already been sent to the Arizona forests.

The four Arizona forests (of 6 in Arizona) will be completing their Forest management plans over then next several months. They will each be put out for a 90 day comment period. One 90 day period is already in progress.

Since Region 3 of the USFS includes both Arizona and New Mexico, many of the items are relevant to New Mexico as well.

There are many, many ways you can help with the Arizona cave understanding and documentation. Please read as you have time, and think of how you can help with the administration and documentation of the caves. The sequester affects the USFS as well.


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